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The company:

Lanlingtech Lasers Europe is founded on the 18th of november 2010 in the Netherlands by dhr K. Mulleneers, with Shenzhen Lanling technology co.,ltd’s approval. Lanlingtech Lasers Europe is headoffice in europe while Shenzhen Lanling technology co.,ltd is the headoffice worldwide but we do exactly the same. Lanlingtech Lasers Europe imports for the Netherlands and exports all over the World high quality and professional laser equipment for the use in the entertainment industrie. We work under Shenzhen Lanling technology co.,ltd’s high standards to provide our costumers the best quality in laser equipment.

Our lasers:

We have 13 kinds of laser series such as single lasers, 2-tunnel lasers, full-color lasers, animation lasers, etc. with power consumptions of 20 milliwatts to 10 watts lasers. Lanlingtech Lasers Europe has more then 400 lasers to choose from and still increases with new laser models. All of the laser models are made perfect to use in disco’s, dj-sets, events, party’s, openings, theater, concerts, clubs, pubs, etc..


For any questions or information please do not hesitate to mail us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All question, information is important for you and for us.


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